How much does a ski lesson with our instructors in Avoriaz cost?


In Avoriaz, adventure on the slopes starts from 75€ per hour (1 to 2 people, 15€ per additional person per hour).

We also offer full-day packages from 450€.

We believe that skiing is much more than just a winter activity. It’s a passion, an adventure, a unique experience. That’s why, in Avoriaz, we offer ski lessons starts from €75 per hour, supervised by state-certified professionals who share our fun-centered philosophy.

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🎿 Alpine Ski Lessons: For those who dream of hurtling down the slopes with ease, our alpine ski lessons are designed for you. You’ll benefit from expert instruction to perfect your technique, gain confidence and explore Avoriaz’s varied slopes.


🏔️ Ski touring: Mountain adventure takes on a new dimension with our ski touring courses at the same low price. Learn to conquer snow-covered peaks, navigate off-piste and experience memorable moments in the great outdoors.


🚀 Freestyle and Freeride skiing: discover the excitement of freestyle and freeride skiing. Develop your skills, master jumps and tricks, or explore powder lines. Our instructors will guide you to the ultimate expression of creativity on the slopes.


🏞️ Ski Freeski – A Philosophy Based on Fun: Our Freeskiing philosophy is based on the idea that every moment spent on skis should be synonymous with fun, thrills and learning. We encourage our customers to explore, feel the magic of skiing and progress at their own pace.


✨ An Unforgettable Experience: Our courses are not limited to technical learning. They offer you a true mountain experience. Enjoy majestic views, exhilarating sensations and camaraderie on the slopes of Avoriaz.


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